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Whatever issue you’re having with your car, know that Northern Import Auto Supply’s emergency road service is just one phone call away. From battery boosting to tire changing, you can rely on roadside assistance 24/7 in Huntsville, Muskoka, Algonquin Park and their surrounding areas.

We Provide the Following Roadside Service:

Vehicle Boosting

A dead battery does not have to leave you stranded in Muskoka. Simply call us and we will dispatch our mobile battery services for Huntsville and Algonquin park areas.

Northern Import Auto provides 12 Volt boosting services for cars and light trucks.

If your vehicle will not start it is important that you do not to crank the engine continuously as damage can be caused to the starter, battery and other electronic components. Many of todays vehicles are equipped with numerous sensors and on-board computers. Jump starting or battery boosting a vehicle can be dangerous if it is not done correctly and it or could cause damage to your vehicle’s onboard sensors.

Let one of our experienced technicians help you with your car battery boost. We have fully equipped mobile units that are ready to boost your car.


Vehicle Entry

Are you locked out of your vehicle? Northern Import Auto Supply’s team can unlock your car or truck using professional tools and techniques. 


Tire Changes

It is essential that you pull over as soon as you notice you've got a flat tire, no matter the cause. Driving on it could cause further damages not only to the tire itself but also to the wheel and, in some cases, the suspension.

Most vehicles come with a spare tire. This allows our roadside assistance specialists to quickly change your flat tire, allowing you to get to your destination safely.


Gas or Diesel

Out of gas? We also do fuel delivery for either gas or diesel so that you can get back on the road as fast as possible.

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